Cnc Pipe Profile Cutting Machine

Cnc Pipe Profile Cutting Machine

High precision USP2030 Rotary plasma pipe cutting with strong heavy duty structure Specification of Rotary plasma pipe cutting Name/Parameters (Rotary plasma cutter ) The actual trip: 2000mm × 3000mm Plasma power supply: American Hypertherm 105A Rail way: Square rail Countertop: knife Working...

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Product Details

CNC Pipe Profile Cutting Machine

Product Description:

This pipe profile cutting machine is simple in use and high in production efficiency, and adopts the latest process control technology CNC to improve the precision of the pipe cutting machine. This cnc pipe profile cutting machine can be configured for any material. For example, create teaching aids for schools and pipe connectors.

With its outstanding design and quality components, this cnc pipe profile cutting machine is able to achieve high precision. From accommodating multiple shafts to cutting any diameter size, all requirements are met. Other factors considered for design purposes are the type of material, the thickness of the material, the desired shape, and the others, the software can be designed to store repeated motions and a certain number of shapes in its memory.

Product Details:


cnc pipe profile cutting machine

Effective working range2000mm*3000mm
Plasma power supply105A American Hypertherm 
Rail waySquare rail

Operating voltage

380V / 50Hz

Cutting speed

8-10m / min

ControllerBeijing StarT Control
Rotary shaft diameter100 - 500mm
Driver styleStepper divers M860
Cutting speed(MAX.)15000mm / min
Cutting torch lift the maximum distance120mm
Cutting thickness20mm

Height adjustment device

automatically arc voltage regulator

Cutting accuracy

± 1 ‰


± 0.01mm


High-precision rack drive and stepper motor

File transferUSB interface
Way of workingNon-contact ARC

Cooling method



  • Full-automatic hydraulic tube cutter, having cyclic actions  automatically.

  • The feed mechanism is firm in structure and has accurate actions. 

  • The specially designed main clamp has strong clamping force, reliable and safe.

  • The circulating cooling system has large-content oil drum to guarantee the saw blade's life and make the section smooth.

  • Control buttons are concentrated on panel and centralized treatment of filings, which facilitates to operation.

  • Cutting length display device, cutting quantity setting and counting device and shutdown device are provided

  • The machine can be regulated on the left and the right for angular cut or mill slot. The angle is exact and the pipe is connected perfectly.

  • The section is smooth and has no raw edge,which produces low noise and low pollution during cutting

This cnc pipe profile cutting machine is useful for producing parts for manufacturing processes, smaller enterprises and institutions like educational establishments.

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