CNC Cutting Machine

CNC Cutting Machine

Cnc cutting machine with high arc rate, high working speed, high cutting speed and other characteristics. and plasma is used to cut stainless steel and other alloy materials is its strengths,smooth cutting and with high accuracy.

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Product Details

Manufacturer best price cnc cutting machine have new design in details



Working area: 1300mm*2500mm

Power supply: Huayuan LGK 63A

Control system: Bejing starfire control system

Motor and drivers: Domestic stepper motor and drivers

THC Control system: Torch height control system

Software: Fastcam software

Transmission X,Y Helical rack -pinion ,Z ball screw

Max. cutting speed: 16000mm/min

Power cutting ability: 0.5-30mm

Repeatability: 0.005mm

Working voltage: 380V/60HZ/50HZ

Prevent dust system: Dust proof system

Oil system: Auto oil injection system

Air compressor: We added for you

Application area

The cnc cutting machine can be used in advertising decoration, metal processing and other industries; can cut iron plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, copper plate and other alloy materials.

Plasma cutting machine advantages over flame cutting machines

1. Have better cutting quality

Dross, heat affected zone, top fillet, and cutting angle are some of the major factors affecting the quality of the cut. Especially in the two aspects of scum and heat affected zone, plasma cutting is much better than flame cutting, plasma cutting edges do not substantially leave scum, and the heat affected zone is much smaller.

2. Few scum

The plasma process uses a high temperature charged gas to melt the metal and blow the molten metal material off the cutting surface. Flame cutting is the use of chemical reactions between oxygen and steel to produce a cut, resulting in iron red slag or scum. Because of this process difference, plasma cutting produces less scum, and the attached scum is easier to remove. These scums can often be knocked down easily without grinding or erasing, greatly reducing the time required for secondary processing. Less sanding operation leads to higher productivity.

3. Heat affected zone

One issue that needs attention when cutting metal is the size of the heat affected zone that is produced. High temperatures can change the chemical structure of the metal, causing the heated edges to darken (warm) and warp. If the heated edges are not removed, the workpiece may not be suitable for secondary welding. Regardless of the process used, the faster the torch moves, the smaller the heat affected zone. The rapid cutting characteristics of the plasma result in a smaller heat affected zone, which shortens the time spent on secondary processing to remove heated edges. Some flame cutting users may also be concerned about the tempering color. The heat-affected zone is not visible from the outside and the tempering color is not. It will discolor the metal. Also, the rapid cutting of the plasma makes the tempering area smaller.

4. Has a higher production efficiency

The cutting speed and perforation speed of CNC plasma can reach 8.5 times that of flame cutting at the fastest, and a significant increase in production efficiency can bring huge benefits, which does not include the time saved in preheating and secondary processing.

Parts images about details

1.The pulley is smoother and gives you more convenience when loading and unloading the material.

CNC Cutting Machine

2.Increase leather goods at the limit, more stable and safe.


3.The curved design of the blade table ensures stability during processing and improves accuracy.

4.spindle with warter cooling tube


5.other parts of cutting machines


Samples pictures





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